Land Clearing:

We offer full service land clearing for commercial and industrial development, or agricultural use. Ewald’s Logging is fully equipped and insured to handle all of your land clearing needs. Our abilities include cutting and chipping trees and brush, grinding, processing, and removing of stumps, debris and other materials (rocks, wood material, demolition debris etc.)

Ewald’s Logging specializes is non-obtrusive clearing of land for agricultural grazing (horse & cattle fields).

Stump Removal:

We have two excavators equipped with stump splitters. As opposed to digging pushing out stumps, this enables stumps to be split in the ground leaves the top soil in place and allows you to maintain much of the organic matter and natural soil layering. We can provide a dump trailer to haul stumps and debris to our site for recycling.

Grinding & Debris Processing:

We offers on site and offsite grinding and removal of debris and material.  With either or horizontal grinder or our tub grinder we can process materials from stumps and land clearing debris, construction and demolition debris, to storm damaged tree parts.

Mulch & Topsoil:

Ewald’s Logging offers dark brown natural and organic hard wood mulch. We also offer a high organic content screened topsoil. Both these products result from the recycling process of stumps and material removed from land clearing jobs, and are offered for wholesale purchase. Transport and delivery can be arranged per order.



Log length firewood for sale. Standing timber bought and harvested using environmentally sounds logging.

Log length fire wood for sale in the Hudson Valley, NY